A good pair of pants.

Okay. So you know when you find a good pair of pants? Like either jeans, or leggings, or black satin-like pleated wide leg pants? You don’t ever want to take them off. Like ever.

Honestly, I could wear these every. single. day. They are by far my favorite staple. If you don’t own a pair, you should reeeeeeally grab you some. Now, I found these at H&M back before Halloween, but managed to find you all an identical twin at Dillards! They’re pretty pricey, but they are permanently reduced and if you’ve got coupons, then you can snag them for a great deal after Christmas!

And I’ll be honest about these shoes. When I first started wearing them, I would get blisters hardcore. But my feet are pretty prone to that with any new shoes. Now, if you’re not wearing them for say…12..hours without a break, then you’ll be fine. They do take breaking in, but once you do you’ll also find that it’s hard to NOT match them with everything in your closet.

I also love that everything I’m wearing can be dressed up or down. Because we all know that owning something that can also double as your go to lounge-wear is pretty much the best.

Tonight we have Friendsmas with some of the best friends R and I have made since moving to Houston, and I honestly can’t wait. They have been suuuuch a blessing to us, is really God’s way of taking care of us.

If you didn’t know, the transition moving to Houston was not the easiest. I didn’t know anyone, was hundreds of miles from my family (who I am very close to), and worked nonstop so we didn’t have alot of opportunities to meet new couples. We struggled finding a church. And as an adult, what outlets do you really have to meet and make new friends? I found myself turning into an introvert and also dealing with a great deal of depression. Fast forward to the start of 2017 and it was just one terrible event after another. Losing my family home just 7 days into 2017. One whole week of 2017. Then losing my papa just after our wedding. And of course many small things in between.

2017 was a rollercoaster.

We felt anxious in our little apartment, and I had cabin fever bad. We decided to look for houses as soon as we got back from our magical 2 week honeymoon. We didn’t think we would actually buy a house that soon. Like that was something really successful adults with lots of extra money do. Not 20 somethings who JUST got married.

But we found the perfect house. In the perfect neighborhood. Owned by the perfect little family. Who became our friends.

God’s plan all along. Lead us to this amazing house, made it all happen. Lead us to this amazing couple. To an amazing church. It all came together to ease all pain and anxiety that I had experienced over the past year. Just perfectly.

Oh! Guess what. I FINALLY finished all of my Christmas shopping! Stockings included. So, it’s been a good week. Only 5 days till Christmas. Crazy.

2018 coming quick. I’m ready.