a not so minimal nursery

When our long time clients found out they were having their first bebe, we were almost done with their bedroom and hadn’t started the front yard landscape. So while putting the finishing touches on the bedroom and scheduling the landscaping while working around a 3 week rain stint (ready for that to come back anytime, btw) we managed to design the nursery. We wanted it to be neutral, but fun. Like, really fun. We wanted to play with patterns and textures and keep it as a room that could grow with him, BUT THEN, bebe Ashton decided to come 5 weeks early. Coinciding with finishing the landscaping, we were in a bit of a pinch to get the nursery wrapped before the new parents arrived home after an unplanned extended trip to Austin when bebe Ashton decided he was ready to come.


Keeping this short and sweet, because honestly, this fun little space speaks for itself.