A very scroogie Christmas.

With Christmas just days away, I feel like I am about 2 months behind. I mean seriously. I haven’t purchased everyone’s gifts, my house is yet to be fully decorated, and my tree is barely trimmed.

I’m running out of time..

While I am extremely excited to have time with my family and loved ones, I’m ready for the stress to be over. I know, I know, ba humbug. This is probably the first year that I have not been over the moon for the holidays. I’m not sure if it’s been the fickle weather, or the changes that have taken place in my life.. Lord knows there’s been plenty.. but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Even giving gifts (and normally I’m a champ at it and it’s my favorite part of the holidays), I feel like I blank on what to get EVERYONE.

It’s been a struggle and a half.

Meanwhile, the world keeps spinning along with my mind. I’ve had a few successes on some of the recipients of this year’s “Good List”. For instance, my precious husband hit the lotto with a new office chair and his wife taking over the decorating and finishing of his office, finally.

Other than his fabulous new office makeover, he’ll receive some other gifts from his favorite gal, but those won’t be revealed to you all until after he opens, just to keep the excitement alive.

My family is doing something different this year too, trying to simplify the gift giving process: As Seen on TV White Elephant.

Yes, you read that right. As Seen on TV.
Here are some of the options we’ve considered:

Can I just be honest and hope that R gets something along the line of the sock slider? If there’s one thing that gets on my nerves more than anything it’s mismatching socks.. and he’s the worst about taking them off and leaving them… everywhere. Literally the dude will leave them shoved in the couch or under the table or on.. his.. desk..

Maybe if he just has one spot for the slider.. the socks will stay in a community of other socks. That would be a magical place.

As for everyone else, ebay and amazon will be my go to in the coming week(s). Prime shipping? That’s my procrastinating saving grace. Did you know that Amazon sold Free People?! Yeah, me either.

Brb, gonna go get lost in the world of online shopping.