The Self + Space is a multi-faceted, design-centered business specializing in all things interiors. Things like your home, your belongings, and the spaces you stay all contribute to who you are as a person, and we want to be apart of all of it every step of the way. We have created a comprehensive umbrella business with three different sectors and aim to minimize typical pain points and make things easy in each of these three areas.

Established in 2019 with the best people to help create a multitude of beautiful experiences for you in Houston and beyond.

Interior Design


The Self + Space Designs offers interior design services with the goal of making every client’s space feel like an extension of themself. We believe that the design process isn’t one size fits all, and it should be a fun and inclusive experience. We tailor every project to fit your needs, never the other way around. The Self + Space Designs brings this to life with homes designed to grow with the lives of their owners.



Self + Space Improvements is reinventing the idea of what it means to have the best help at your fingertips. Its goal is to pinpoint each and every negative associated with the home improvement process and squash these with quality assurance, attention to detail, and an overall elevated experience.


The Self + Space believes in curating a home that creates an experience for every client. Learn more about what goes into every unique project and how we take your space from start to finish.