When we were approached to design a local CBD shop, we were tasked to make it the LV of all CBD shops that exist. Immediately inspired by a spunky color palette and a focus on texture and pattern play, we let this design not only be elevated but speak volumes to a higher end clientele that our client was seeking. Take a look at our process from start to finish for this stunner of a commercial store front.


A deeper look into one of our favorite transitional designs that involved a complete design package for the kitchen, dining, living, entry, and dining, as well as a kitchen cabinet refresh with paint and hardware, AND a new fireplace surround. We took this home from rustic to chic, and love the way the personality of our client shines through.


the minimal, but maximal back patio

What once was a watered down paved “back yard”, is now a walk out deck with built in custom bench seating and plants to allow the indoors out when the dining room doors are open. In an effort to save a once drab back yard situation (really, it was like the size of a compact parking spot) and make it functional, we had the idea to build the entire space up, and incorporate built in seating to maximize the space and build in the planters so they create a barrier between the neighbors and also allow for privacy when out back.

This space did not fail to be one of the more taxing projects, building wise, and when working in design and construction there are many many many hurdles that one has to jump through. This project was not for the faint of heart, but has definitely resulted in a space that this couple enjoys (when the Houston weather allows) on an almost daily basis.


Because I mean really, take a look at these befores.



And after several iterations of contractors and construction woes, we have the incredible after. Which is connected directly off this dining that we did, and I mean seriously, the dream.


love (this) island | bathroom luxe

Remember that spa bathroom I keep mentioning?

T   H   E    D   E   S   I   G   N


Think textures with the luxe feel of brass finishes. We love the way that the zellige plays with the concrete tile in the prettiest patinas. We love the way we’re able to maximize the space with a soaker tub, larger shower and in shower stucco bench, and organic mirrors to add that fun feel.


Have you seen the before? You’re going to want to.

What about the kitchen? Trust, click this link.

Get refreshed on the living too, you won’t regret it.

love (this) island | living its best life

Hey hey hey! This living space is no joke. Complete with custom sliding glass doors, a new fireplace makeover, walling in a random arched alcove (that could fit a family of 5 inside), and furnishings to make the most ultra lounge den ever.

T   H   E    D   E   S   I   G   N


Need a refresher on those before pictures and where we started? Find that post here.

Want to see the kitchen? Do it here.

What about the primary bath of your dreams?

love (this) island | the kitchen

Welcome back! So glad you’re here to see the designs we worked so hard on. Honestly, this custom island was an instant brain child once we left the space. While the current peninsula closes off all the spaces, we’re able to reconfigure the space to allow a free flowing environment fit for entertaining and maximizing counter space in the best way.

T   H   E    D   E   S   I   G   N


Forgot what those before’s look like? Click here to see where it all started.

Interested in seeing the living room? Clickety click rightchea.

How about that bath? You know what to do.

love (this) island

When we were referred by our long time clients to help first time Houstonians with their home, we knew we had a great opportunity to make something amazing out of this builder grade, not great home. Which is great! We love being able to come in and spice up what would otherwise be a standard early 2000s home, because alot of times, depending on the area, there are some quirks to work around. It offers a challenge while also being a ‘wow’ before and after. We get to inject some character and uniqueness into the space while enhancing resale value and major design envy.

Starting from the beginning, we were brought in to design the kitchen, design a killer living room, and finally design the bathroom for phase II. When we walked the space, some of the tell-tale signs of a builder grade are mistakes in construction and installation, bandaid fixes, and lack of quality in craftsmanship in some (obvious to me) inconspicuous ways. Things like.. shoving a standard door into an oversized arched alcove, and cutting the 90 degree trim to “fit” into the curve.. Or patch working standard 12″ x 12″ porcelain tile into a pattern to mask a bad transition job within an 18″ x 18″ porcelain tile. Or installing a wood laminate floor into random areas, in the middle of the home..

To maximize our assistance and laying out all of the things that we ourselves would recommend addressing in phase one, we picked new lighting throughout to replace some of the more dated fixtures, flooring options and installation costs per square foot, a kitchen transformation with a custom 11′ island and integrated eat in table, living room furnishings from top to bottom, new paint color scheme throughout, and finally a primary bath of luxury spa dreams.

B   E   F   O   R   E


T   H   E    C   O   N   C   E   P   T


To make things easier, click here to see the kitchen, click here to see the stunning living room transformation, and here to see the spa inspired bathroom of your dreams.

a not so minimal nursery

When our long time clients found out they were having their first bebe, we were almost done with their bedroom and hadn’t started the front yard landscape. So while putting the finishing touches on the bedroom and scheduling the landscaping while working around a 3 week rain stint (ready for that to come back anytime, btw) we managed to design the nursery. We wanted it to be neutral, but fun. Like, really fun. We wanted to play with patterns and textures and keep it as a room that could grow with him, BUT THEN, bebe Ashton decided to come 5 weeks early. Coinciding with finishing the landscaping, we were in a bit of a pinch to get the nursery wrapped before the new parents arrived home after an unplanned extended trip to Austin when bebe Ashton decided he was ready to come.


Keeping this short and sweet, because honestly, this fun little space speaks for itself.


the minimal master bedroom

This one is a space that we couldn’t get enough of when designing it. Our clients wanted the ultimate hotel luxe, with a minimal emphasis and modern flare. To do this we focused on key pieces and lots of texture, and brought in subtle pops of color to create a moment in each area of the space, and turned their once junk landing zone into a stunning fireplace made to look like carved stone out of Surface Solution’s tambour. Check it out, and tell us your favorite thing about this amazing bedroom!



Look at how far we’ve come from the start. 




And yes, precious Kona has made this her sanctuary and the humans don’t mind in the slightest. If this were mine I wouldn’t leave either.