the minimal office

Welcome back.

In this episode of “we love this project and look at how it’s changed”, we bring you the office. A space that we took from a cramped bedroom + office combo, to a custom experience for both the owners and guests alike. Our clients wanted to be able to spend time together while they work without the bulk of a bed. So we opted for a daybed/sofa combo that just so happened to have the namesake of the house princess, Kona. FermLiving really did us proud with this bed design which combines both a Japandi design aesthetic with the perfect minimal footprint we were looking for. To hit the mark for the utilitarian of the home, we designed a custom floating desk that incorporates ledge shelving for books (and art alike), and deeper shelving to retrofit the nook that was lacking a purpose. Check it out below, hope you love it as much as we do.


Check out these befores, they won’t disappoint. 




If you love this, check out the primary bedroom, it’s a jaw dropper.

the minimal kitchen + dining

If you’re joining us from the unveiling of our minimal living room makeover, just scroll down for the goodies from this amazing dining room transformation, and the facelift of the adjoining kitchen. Come back even later for the finale of the attached back patio (which newsflash, you’ll want to, because it’s amazing). Form + function for our amazing clients, and yes those are her two favorite words, so we made a design out of it. Check out the custom pantry we created fit for the ultra organizer in everyone.



And the before’s that I’m sure you’re dying to see. 



Wanna see more? Click here for the office, it’s just as amazing. 

minimal, but with maximum effort

Let’s just keep this short and sweet, shall we? 

About 2 years ago, we were approached by a sweet couple in the Heights looking to turn their house into a home, and sought out our help to do so. We started with the living room, but that quickly grew into the dining, and then the kitchen, and then to the back patio (which was once the size of an economy parking spot), then the primary bedroom, then the office, finally we moved to finish the entire exterior of the home. We’ve put a pin in the entire interior (minus one little room that Baby Chang will get to enjoy in the coming months), and we’re so excited to share these before and afters, finally.

Scroll down for this incredible transformation, and let us know which room is your favorite!


As for those before’s? 

Click here for more minimal goodness, like the dining + kitchen.


organic modern retreat


Welcome to Shuba’s Living Room!  Now, a beautifully curated, modern h a v e n.


When we started this project, we were so encouraged with Shuba’s sense of style.  She requested we use many of her current furnishings, plant babies, and meaningful, collected decor items in our design. So, of course, we started with her blush-toned, heirloom rug and began creating an elevated, cohesive space.



Stunners in this room are, most obviously, Kudd Krig Home’s wall tapestry, and her pretty side-kick, Human Home’s Hiline Sconce.


On the opposite wall, we took her fireplace from builder basic to simply stunning, with a half round moulding surround and subtle pattern play with Cle Tile on the hearth.  Not to mention, those show-stopping round sconces from Triple Seven Home— gorgeous! The addition of custom floating shelves for the TV, complete with a pull-out drawer, transformed the old-school nook to make it feel purposeful and relevant. Also, peep the Primary Room door, custom trimmed with oversized wooden push-handles. Major heart-eyes for this glow up.




G E T  T H E  L O O K:



For other before and after transformations, click here, you won’t regret it.

femme office t a k e o v e r

Hi! Kelly, here, bringing you our most recent project reveal: Caitlin’s Office. The most modern, glam, and chic office in all the land. 

When we started, the room for Caitlin’s future office housed a lot of the extra, random, and unessential things that are easy to close the door on and keep out of sight.  However, she wanted the space to not only be pretty, but functional.  And with the change that this year brought to so many, she began an at-home work routine that spurred the making of this dream home-office!

Our goals for this small 9’x9’ room-with-no-windows were to (1) make it feel bigger and brighter, adding in texture while keeping it neutral and tonal, (2) an overall minimal and modern feel with chic and lux touches, and (3) a splash of femininity. 

We pulled inspiration like this, hitting all the key elements:

Our design concept’s combined both new and vintage, comfy and refined:

In the end, we mixed and matched 2 of the concepts and we are soooo in love with the end results!

Working from home doesn’t have to be so bad after all, amiright?


s + s

ch ch ch changes

Well, the news is out. I am expanding. New business ventures, new life changes, new website. If you haven’t already heard (or guessed because I’m quite shit at keeping things a secret), I started a moving company. Bought a truck, got some branding done, and am in the process of getting the new website up and running along with my schedule for this new venture. It’s a scary time to be doing anything really, shoutout COVID, but I’m confident. Nervous, but confident. I just see an opportunity to do something better. To offer people a service, and do it 100 times better, honestly. It’s great, and going to be great. I just wish the world would settle down long enough for people to be able to breathe again, to support their families, to continue growing their business. It’s a hard time, and not just for me, obviously, but the world. For business owners. For families. For everyone. But this is it. This is the turning point. This is where things get interesting. This is where we see the heart and determination of people. This is where we see humanity at it’s best. This is where the people who needed a kick in the ass to quit that terrible job, to try for something better, get that. One way or another, things are going to be okay again. Things are going to be great. Starting with this. The new. The changes that make or break. The faith and leap to something bigger. Starting here.



Follow along, I promise you won’t regret it.

– K

pegboard confessional

Hi! Kelly, here. Last fall, Kayla hired me to join Self + Space and it has been so fun to be part of the team!

Over the past few months, I’ve been updating my kids’ rooms, tackling DIYs when I can, and I was so excited when Kayla asked if I would share the process. There’s not many design-related decisions made without Kayla’s input, even (and especially!) in my own home, so it was nice to have her ideas and help with these projects.

It didn’t take much convincing for her to talk me into painting the bedrooms white. The baby blue HAD to go. We chose Ultra Pure White by Behr, the perfect pure white without any beige undertones. For the boys’ room, both the bunk beds and dresser were staying, but I knew I needed to add some sort of shelving for all their toys, art, and lego creations! I was totally inspired by a Pinterest oversized peg board idea, and knew it would be the perfect compliment to the room.

My husband followed this tutorial from Vintage Revivals, and it has a LOT of helpful tips for making the project quick and easy! Basically, we trimmed the plywood to 4’x5.5’, traced a grid for the pegs, drilled the holes, and hung them on the wall following the exact steps of the tutorial. Once the plywood was attached to the walls, I used painter’s tape to map out the shelves. Really, I just eyeballed where I wanted them to go and how long each shelf would be. We chose poplar wood: cut, sanded, and left them raw and unstained. My 7 year old helped me push in each peg, and lay the boards across. Honestly, one of the most simple, quick, and rewarding projects to date!




The boys are pretty stoked about all the display space. And I have to admit, it’s a stunner to walk in and see!





Can’t wait to update on more of the progress of this room as well as my little girl’s room!

xo, Kelly

d e s i g n r e v e a l || #clientdesignerdentist

Late last year I had the pleasure of working with a client who wanted our help executing his California-minimal style in an office that had previously struggled to keep up with the times. His ideal vibe exuded a minimal color palette, splashes of blue (for the ocean he loved so dearly), modern finishes, and a better use of the space.

The trend of California style was something I hadn’t had the chance to take on, but was super excited to be given the opportunity. We stuck to the clean slate of white walls, modern lines, combined with slightly oversized furnishings to make the space seem larger, as well as utilizing the entire back wall with open utilitarian storage and of course softening the window wall with the best Ikea drapes, ever.

The transformation took a little over 6 weeks to complete, but the wait was definitely worth it.

b e f o r e



a f t e r





n e w n e w n e w

If you follow me on Instagram, you may notice some new surroundings. If not, well then, surprise, I moved. Yes, that’s meant to be singular. More on that later, maybe.

There are a lot of things to say, a lot of things to share, but I can’t seem to find the words. So I’ll just share what comes to mind. Everything changes. And that’s okay. We learn to adjust, recalibrate, and move forward.

Which brings us to the reason you’re here, the Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram post that caught your attention because of the pretty things. One goal I had in mind for my space was a space that not only got me more clients and attention, but a space that inspired me daily. My space is filled with curated pieces by makers I admire, companies I love and trust, and things that bring me absolute joy.

I refuse to fill my space with clutter or things that are just “okay”, because let’s be real, that’s a waste. So here she is, in all her glory. We’ll start with just the living room, because then you’ll have to come back to see the other areas I end up sharing so ha. See you again soon.


What’s more is that after these were taken, the original Urban Outfitters chairs designated for the living room came in and try as I might, they just didn’t work.

Then I found the perfect chair at West Elm and my chair baby that I love so dearly from UO is currently being stationed in a closet because I can’t bring myself take it back because I love it and it’s no longer available so it will go in my future house somewhere down the road. I mean seriously, she’s beautiful.




The next phase of this little reveal will come once my custom FaroeGoods piece is done and installed and it’ll be housed right above this custom headboard yours truly crafted for my platform Floyd bed. You’ll see all the details for that coming so sooooon.

it’s time to v e n t

As ‘typical instagram influencer’ as it sounds, I’ve had quite a few inquiries on the vent hood that sits crowning in my kitchen. It was probably one of the easiest diy’s I’ve ever taken on.

You’re going to want to start by measuring out how wide, deep, and tall you want your vent hood to be. I knew I didn’t want my vent hood way deeper than my shelves, so it sat at 11.5″ deep, and 33″ above my range, and all the way to the ceiling (I have 8′ ceilings for reference). Obviously your measurements are going to be different based on your own kitchen specs, just adjust as necessary!

Also, don’t forget to account for your internal vent hood that will do the actual ventilating, I used this one. Using the vent hood, I was able to build a 2×4 wood frame that would support and hold the vent hood up and mount directly to the wall. Side note: this is what you will mount your paneled covering to. Literally, it’s just a box you will screw the vent to, and then the panels. Don’t overthink it.

+ materials needed

lots of 1″x2″ pieces of common wood

you’re going to splice these into 1×1 pieces, and then cut the length to the specs of your vent hood covering

1/2″ birch plywood panels

1″ finishing screws

drywall anchors

After your box is built, measure out and cut your plywood panels to size (you’ll have 3 sides to measure, front x side x side). Then all of your pieces of common wood will be cut to length as well. Don’t start drilling pilot holes until you’ve got everything cut and spaced out. To space, I used a small 1/2″ square dowel, you can adjust and use whatever you want.

This is a very redundant and repetitive process, so after everything is marked, spaced, and ready for assembly, start with the front panel and screw in your common wood pieces. The front piece, once fully paneled, will be screwed to the other side pieces, so that no gaps occur in the paneling pattern. Repeat this process for the other 2 sides.

Once all is paneled and spaced to your liking, start with the side panels being screwed to the box (this should be mounted to your wall prior to installation of the panels). Follow with the front, making sure that you leave about 5-6″ of space under the edge for the vent hood to be recessed in (you don’t want your vent hood right at the end of the vent hood, amiright?)

Really, the process is pretty self explanatory and easy to accomplish with some elbow grease and a second set of hands to hold everything steady.