Christmas Overall.

I’m back!

Took a small hiatus to be present with my family while we were there.

Alas, Christmas is over, R and I are back home with our pup, the bags are unpacked and sitting on the floor, one Christmas gift is set up and in it’s place, and everything is a mess. Is there any other way to end the Christmas holiday?

Lucky for us, we have one more day to get our house in order before next week moves in and knocks us off our feet and we feel behind all over again. I’m the organizer, so among the mess are categories…of mess..

one pile of clean clothes still hanging out in the suitcase,
one bag of candy from stockings, one box of books and decor to put in their homes,
one bag of trash,
one hamper of dirty clothes, and
two plates from our pb&j sammies from dinner.

We loved spending time back home for the holidays, but man were we ready to have our own bed again in our own home. There’s just something about a great bed (shoutout to you Serta iComfort) in your own temperature controlled room that gives you THE BEST feeling about being home.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the wonderful holiday gifts R and I received:
the cutest cat measuring spoons
(finally) a fiddle leaf fig tree
furry slippers
all the multi colored scrunchies
&& a book about dogs in human clothes

all linked in case they pique your interest.

OH! and big news. I’ve teamed up with Lulu’s to bring you closer to all the best and newest products from brands you love, complete with –>special codes to save you money!<–

Speaking of, this look above is ALL Lulu’s. I call it my winter bohemian farmer look. I don’t know. It’s cold, and I love my overalls. So it works.

Okay, more to come later!

Love this look? See this and many more here.

A good pair of pants.

Okay. So you know when you find a good pair of pants? Like either jeans, or leggings, or black satin-like pleated wide leg pants? You don’t ever want to take them off. Like ever.

Honestly, I could wear these every. single. day. They are by far my favorite staple. If you don’t own a pair, you should reeeeeeally grab you some. Now, I found these at H&M back before Halloween, but managed to find you all an identical twin at Dillards! They’re pretty pricey, but they are permanently reduced and if you’ve got coupons, then you can snag them for a great deal after Christmas!

And I’ll be honest about these shoes. When I first started wearing them, I would get blisters hardcore. But my feet are pretty prone to that with any new shoes. Now, if you’re not wearing them for say…12..hours without a break, then you’ll be fine. They do take breaking in, but once you do you’ll also find that it’s hard to NOT match them with everything in your closet.

I also love that everything I’m wearing can be dressed up or down. Because we all know that owning something that can also double as your go to lounge-wear is pretty much the best.

Tonight we have Friendsmas with some of the best friends R and I have made since moving to Houston, and I honestly can’t wait. They have been suuuuch a blessing to us, is really God’s way of taking care of us.

If you didn’t know, the transition moving to Houston was not the easiest. I didn’t know anyone, was hundreds of miles from my family (who I am very close to), and worked nonstop so we didn’t have alot of opportunities to meet new couples. We struggled finding a church. And as an adult, what outlets do you really have to meet and make new friends? I found myself turning into an introvert and also dealing with a great deal of depression. Fast forward to the start of 2017 and it was just one terrible event after another. Losing my family home just 7 days into 2017. One whole week of 2017. Then losing my papa just after our wedding. And of course many small things in between.

2017 was a rollercoaster.

We felt anxious in our little apartment, and I had cabin fever bad. We decided to look for houses as soon as we got back from our magical 2 week honeymoon. We didn’t think we would actually buy a house that soon. Like that was something really successful adults with lots of extra money do. Not 20 somethings who JUST got married.

But we found the perfect house. In the perfect neighborhood. Owned by the perfect little family. Who became our friends.

God’s plan all along. Lead us to this amazing house, made it all happen. Lead us to this amazing couple. To an amazing church. It all came together to ease all pain and anxiety that I had experienced over the past year. Just perfectly.

Oh! Guess what. I FINALLY finished all of my Christmas shopping! Stockings included. So, it’s been a good week. Only 5 days till Christmas. Crazy.

2018 coming quick. I’m ready.


Weddings and feels.

It’s cold and rainy in Houston. Fish and I have our snacks, blankets, and cheesy Christmas movies to keep us company for the day ahead. We don’t plan on leaving. BUT this weekend we got to make a trip back to the town where it all began to celebrate our sweet friends got married. The wedding and the couple were beautiful and of course it took R and I back to our special day, my most favorite day.

I’m a sucker for all things sappy.

As I scroll through a few of our wedding day pictures, I just can’t help but be so grateful for the people that helped make it the most magical day. (With Wild & Grace, Jenna Lynn Events, Youri Claessens Photography, Hannah Joy’s Cakes, Bhldn, The Grove) & shoutout to my mom for being extra patient that morning.

It was refreshing to spend that time away with my guy and celebrate our friends and our love for each other. I genuinely could plan and attend weddings for a living, although they’d need to create a real cry-proof mascara..

On a lighter note, I’ve really got to teach my husband the ways of an instagram-husband, (seriously go watch it, so funny) this outfit was top 5 faves of mine. Would you ever guess this skirt was found in the $5 bin at H&M?! (It’s not available anymore, so I’ll link a twin here.) It was originally purchased to be used for Halloween so R and I could be Johnny Castle and Baby from Dirty Dancing, but thankfully multi-purposed to create a softer look with this Lulu’s top. I’m not normally one to be super girly, but I didn’t want to take this outfit off.

Weddings really spur something inside of me. They make me want to be really sweet to R and be all clingy and affectionate, and if you’re around us you know R is the ultimate stage 5 clinger, and really grateful for my guy. Like, he chose me. I chose him. We made this conscious effort to love one another and be faithful to one another for the rest of our lives. It’s so romantic. Obviously, weddings, romance, love, blah blah blah.

But when you really think about the level of commitment, how much love and trust it takes to promise your life and your heart to someone else. There’s nothing like it. Except the love from our Lord. He gave His son so that we could live. He paid our debts so that we could live in eternal paradise. It’s a love like none other. Makes me really thankful for the season.

Speaking of the season, I’ve really got to finish up my shopping before next week.. Christmas is in a WEEK. And I’m still not wrapped up. Yikes.

Okay, I have to stop procrastinating now.

Sass + Site Updates

I hope that you’ve had enough time to see some of the new updates I’ve been working on! The site is in the process of being more user friendly and organized, complete with a whole page dedicated to my looks and where you can get them!

I was feeling quite sassy in my modern 60s take today.

All of that and more will be filling that page in the future as my way to welcome you into my closet and my trends. If you have products that you love, please feel free to reach out and share them with me! I’m always open to trying new things and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t.

The look today was all from Lulu’s, and it’s one of my favorite shops online (because who goes in store anymore?). I honestly love them because I can get most all of my fave brands like Free People, Faithful The Brand, AmuseSociety, all in one place. Plus with how much I shop, I get emails on deals and coupons and I can’t remember the last time I purchased something full price. Seriously my addiction.

I look forward to sharing this part of my life with you all. And as always, I will share where the looks come from as well as links and (hopefully one day promo codes) so that you can get your hands on them too!

Oh, and did you have time to check the ‘gram to see my new locks? Carlos at Trademark Salon really did my hair some good. Just in time for our sweet friends’ wedding this weekend! If not, shame, much shame.

Don’t worry, I don’t hold grudges for long. I’ll be fine after I dig into these chicken avocado wraps from El Pollo Loco.


A very scroogie Christmas.

With Christmas just days away, I feel like I am about 2 months behind. I mean seriously. I haven’t purchased everyone’s gifts, my house is yet to be fully decorated, and my tree is barely trimmed.

I’m running out of time..

While I am extremely excited to have time with my family and loved ones, I’m ready for the stress to be over. I know, I know, ba humbug. This is probably the first year that I have not been over the moon for the holidays. I’m not sure if it’s been the fickle weather, or the changes that have taken place in my life.. Lord knows there’s been plenty.. but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Even giving gifts (and normally I’m a champ at it and it’s my favorite part of the holidays), I feel like I blank on what to get EVERYONE.

It’s been a struggle and a half.

Meanwhile, the world keeps spinning along with my mind. I’ve had a few successes on some of the recipients of this year’s “Good List”. For instance, my precious husband hit the lotto with a new office chair and his wife taking over the decorating and finishing of his office, finally.

Other than his fabulous new office makeover, he’ll receive some other gifts from his favorite gal, but those won’t be revealed to you all until after he opens, just to keep the excitement alive.

My family is doing something different this year too, trying to simplify the gift giving process: As Seen on TV White Elephant.

Yes, you read that right. As Seen on TV.
Here are some of the options we’ve considered:

Can I just be honest and hope that R gets something along the line of the sock slider? If there’s one thing that gets on my nerves more than anything it’s mismatching socks.. and he’s the worst about taking them off and leaving them… everywhere. Literally the dude will leave them shoved in the couch or under the table or on.. his.. desk..

Maybe if he just has one spot for the slider.. the socks will stay in a community of other socks. That would be a magical place.

As for everyone else, ebay and amazon will be my go to in the coming week(s). Prime shipping? That’s my procrastinating saving grace. Did you know that Amazon sold Free People?! Yeah, me either.

Brb, gonna go get lost in the world of online shopping.

The weekend ft. Fish

Have you ever had one of those weekends, the ones that you couldn’t plan it any better if you tried, that everything just… happens? In all of it’s anxiety ridden goodness and you just let go for a whole 48 hours?

Well, when you’re best friend is house sitting in a cute little town 3 hours from you, you jump in the car and you take that spontaneous rode trip with your pup in tow.

?Notice the pupper in full majestic mode

I am NOT a good trip taker, normally. I enjoy long walks to the fridge and the occasional stroll up the stairs to my big comfy blue bed. (Yes, I have a blue bed, and eventually I’ll post about it and all the details, but for now pay attention to the story at hand.)
But.. my usual slumber in the car (because let’s be real here, R normally drives everywhere and I sleep mouth wide open in the passenger seat… he loves me) had to take a backseat so I could beat the holiday traffic there and back.

Part I: The Kitchen

When A and I get together, we’re probably the best and worst influences on each other. But there’s one spot where our friendship is at it’s best. And that’s, you guessed it, the kitchen.

98% of girl + girl friendships end in dance parties in the kitchen. Know your statistics.

I don’t claim to know it all, but the above fact is true. When Selena comes on you “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” around the table and eat homemade protein balls while you do it.

Part II: The Farmer’s Market

Fish really had no idea what to expect at this thing. I mean.. He was basically in pupper heaven with fresh meats and cheeses around every corner, not to mention all the dog butts to smell behind every bustling person trying to maneuver through the market.

There were plants and veggies and jerky and coffees and oils and everything your local heart could desire.

With R not there, I tried to contain myself, but could NOT be held responsible for my actions when passing this succulent booth. I mean seriously, look at those shades!

So we coffee’d and we strolled along and tried to take picturesque photos of instagram worthy moments, and enjoyed our slow day in the perfect 70 degree Texas weather.

Which btw, hardly ever happens in South Texas.. like ever.

Part III: Mixtapes

If you follow me on Snapchat, I’m sorry. You (possibly) got the chance to see our Downtown NB shenanigans before it disappeared forever this morning when I was sober enough to realize that I posted everything to My Story. …yay me…

When DK (drunk Kayla) gets control, she’s not exactly “in control”. Does that make sense?

The remainder of this night and this weekend will go down with the best of them and be one of my favorite memories with my best friend.

Btw, if you’re not already, follow the snap. Lots of good moments captured there.. not always on purpose.

Shoutout to my favorite Ebay find ever!

—–> denim jacket


This weekend renewed my soul.

Until next time.


The one with the turkey on Monica’s head.

Anyone remember the episode where Monica is fixing Thanksgiving dinner, and she gets the turkey stuck on her head? Friends? Anyone? Okay, just me.

Well, that’s about how I felt today. Felt like shoving the perfectly roasted turkey on my head and dancing around. Today makes Thanksgiving round

T W O. To say that my waist line is suffering due to the inflation of carbs (Sister Schubert rolls for the win) and sweets (thank you, Whiskey Cake) is an understatement. I love love the holidays, especially ones involving good food.

It’s definitely the hardest time of the year to be trying to lose weight.. whose idea was this anyways?.. so I’ve been trying to maintain portion control.. but let’s be honest, when there’s 34 different kinds of pie, portion control just means ONE piece of EACH.


No?.. probably not..

Oh well.. I wanted to share some thoughts with you. I find myself very reminded of why I’m thankful after a good phone call with my mom. She talked to me about how she prayed for all of us and asked God to give us peace. Man, is He good. I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude for this time in my life. Thankful for this opportunity. Thankful for many things:

1. Thankful for an amazing God who has given me so much in this life. He continues to bless and amaze me each and every day, and I definitely wouldn’t have been here without His grace and patience (because I’m sure it takes a lot.)

2. Thankful for my amazing husband. He is patient and kind, perfectly offsetting my mood swings and supports my spending habits. There aren’t enough good things to say about R. He is my person.

3. Thankful for my friends. They are all so different, and I would be here all day trying to explain how thankful I am for each one, so for now they get lumped.

4. Ever thankful for my family. It’s extended and definitely not perfect by any means, but man are they the best. I am so immensely blessed with an amazing life line and support system.

5. Thankful to be in a beautiful home, and to be in the place that I am after this year. I have been blessed so great this year that it makes me so grateful for the struggles and the low points, because never did I think we would be where we are now.

6. Also super thankful for Black Friday deals after a nice turkey lunch + naps, though R would disagree.

Okay, now back to my Friends binge.


Nobody likes you when you’re 23.

Hello, and welcome! Since you’re here you’re probably wondering what exactly is going on, and what all of this is about.


I’m here to tell you about myself, since this is a blog, and this is the internet, so technically I’m supposed to talk about myself.. right?

I’m Kayla. Married name, K.Atwell, so there you have Katwell. I’m 23, and it’s probably been the hardest

Tom DeLonge was not lying.

A lot has happened this year.. and I’m here to fill you in. Open up my life like a book to you, so that you may find solace in knowing that life: hard, raw, life, happens to us all, and that you are NOT alone.

I’m not perfect, and will never be the perfect person or wife or blogger, but we all get through this life together, and hopefully my (sometimes) witty banter may shine a light on your day and make you smile.

Glad you’re here.