ch ch ch changes

Well, the news is out. I am expanding. New business ventures, new life changes, new website. If you haven’t already heard (or guessed because I’m quite shit at keeping things a secret), I started a moving company. Bought a truck, got some branding done, and am in the process of getting the new website up and running along with my schedule for this new venture. It’s a scary time to be doing anything really, shoutout COVID, but I’m confident. Nervous, but confident. I just see an opportunity to do something better. To offer people a service, and do it 100 times better, honestly. It’s great, and going to be great. I just wish the world would settle down long enough for people to be able to breathe again, to support their families, to continue growing their business. It’s a hard time, and not just for me, obviously, but the world. For business owners. For families. For everyone. But this is it. This is the turning point. This is where things get interesting. This is where we see the heart and determination of people. This is where we see humanity at it’s best. This is where the people who needed a kick in the ass to quit that terrible job, to try for something better, get that. One way or another, things are going to be okay again. Things are going to be great. Starting with this. The new. The changes that make or break. The faith and leap to something bigger. Starting here.



Follow along, I promise you won’t regret it.

– K