Christmas Overall.

I’m back!

Took a small hiatus to be present with my family while we were there.

Alas, Christmas is over, R and I are back home with our pup, the bags are unpacked and sitting on the floor, one Christmas gift is set up and in it’s place, and everything is a mess. Is there any other way to end the Christmas holiday?

Lucky for us, we have one more day to get our house in order before next week moves in and knocks us off our feet and we feel behind all over again. I’m the organizer, so among the mess are categories…of mess..

one pile of clean clothes still hanging out in the suitcase,
one bag of candy from stockings, one box of books and decor to put in their homes,
one bag of trash,
one hamper of dirty clothes, and
two plates from our pb&j sammies from dinner.

We loved spending time back home for the holidays, but man were we ready to have our own bed again in our own home. There’s just something about a great bed (shoutout to you Serta iComfort) in your own temperature controlled room that gives you THE BEST feeling about being home.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the wonderful holiday gifts R and I received:
the cutest cat measuring spoons
(finally) a fiddle leaf fig tree
furry slippers
all the multi colored scrunchies
&& a book about dogs in human clothes

all linked in case they pique your interest.

OH! and big news. I’ve teamed up with Lulu’s to bring you closer to all the best and newest products from brands you love, complete with –>special codes to save you money!<–

Speaking of, this look above is ALL Lulu’s. I call it my winter bohemian farmer look. I don’t know. It’s cold, and I love my overalls. So it works.

Okay, more to come later!

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