Demo Day at Sunny Ridge

Remember back when I said our front yard is our first and easiest project? I take it back. After 5+ hours of digging up roots and pulling weeds, my hands, my back, and my arms feel like they’re ready to call it quits.

The freeze killed most everything in our yard, and I honestly thought it would make removal way easier. Yeah, no, it wasn’t any easier, just considerably dirtier.

Notice to the right of the house, that little clearing that looks all lush and beautiful? The freeze made sure it was not left that way. We were left with no cactus, no snake plants, dead trees, partially grown oak trees growing less than a foot from our house, and lots of tree limbs and trash.

R helped me with the removal of most everything, honestly he did majority of the work and I “helped”, but we’ve still got some roots that don’t want to leave us. We also didn’t even get to the big privacy bushes occupying our front window, or the trees by our garage. We may have to recruit some assistance from our fabulous yard company, because a man can only do so much.

It rained last night, so we’ve got to wait until it dries back up to do the rest of the root removal, then we’ll be cooking with crisco.

With all the plants and trees we removed, the next phase is bringing in fresh soil and leveling the beds, shaping it all out to the desired effect, and then we get to plant.


This will be the finished product. With hopefully a beautiful white house and new front and garage doors, but we’ll see how the HOA agrees with our proposals.

Stay tuned for the next phase of our madness here at Sunny Ridge!

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