Demo Day pt. 2

Hello lovelies! It is a blessed and joyous Sunday, as our Christ has risen and also the weather wasn’t half bad here in Houston so it was a magical day and weekend all in all.

For real though, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Friday was spent exhausting my bank account on new plant babies for the front. Remember a couple posts back where I shared my dream for the exterior of the house? I finally stopped procrastinating, and waiting on my ridiculous HOA, and just did it.

If you don’t remember, or just don’t want to go and look back (..lazy..), here’s a recap:

When we bought the house //

After planting //

Of course after taking these photos, we went back and realized that all the plant tags were still attached, and we are still too tired to take them off. Also look at my little indoor plant babies soaking up the sun in the window.

Houston Garden Center should really just sponsor my post and yard since I basically bought them out on Friday, even though you can’t really tell how large of quantity after everything was planted.. it was alot.. just trust me.

We opted for some larger ticket items compared to our original landscape outline:

Topiary trees (that also grow flowers?!) vs Cypress trees

Texas Sage vs Boxwoods

Blue Daze and White Pentas vs generic ground cover

Pineapple Guava vs generic shrubs

Blue Dart Rush grass vs Pampas grass

Mandevilla Vines vs Climbing Hydrangeas (not by choice, but because of availability in our area)

+ 3 wildflower bushes I don’t recall the name of but they were beautiful and also perennials which means I won’t have to worry about them dying out during the next freak freeze.

I know it doesn’t look like much now.. but just you wait. When it all starts growing and blooming, and also when our house is white with a new front and garage door with accompanying sconces, it’ll really pull the whole look together.

And also.. all of this took over 24 hours.. like.. 24 hours of work.. But man am I proud.

The right side of the house has not been completed yet, which is why you do not get to see it, because right now it looks like there is a curse hanging over that little patch of our yard so.. it’ll just stay hidden until it’s filled in with more plants.. or grass.. or something.

Stay tuned for the next phase of home improvement at the Atwell house! long as our HOA approves… sigh..