Doherty Refresh // client update

Doherty Place

What we’re doing:

Updating the materials in the kitchen, redesigning the uppers for a more modern feel, tearing out the pantry and building cabinets around the fridge for a more custom look, redesigning the living room and dining room, and giving an update to the guest and master bath.

Where we started:



What we’re keeping:

Mick is an incredible carpenter and overall lover of fantastic art and furniture so we’re keeping a large portion of his goods. What we’re focusing on for the living room and dining room is switching up the existing furniture into a better flowing space and incorporating more modern-esque pieces. For the kitchen, we’ll be doing a little more demo and opening up the space for a more functioning kitchen as well as updating the appliances, uppers, pulls, sinks, finishes, etc.

What that looks like:

k i t c h e n


l i v i n g

What we decided on:

Mick and I can agree on one thing for sure, that beautiful White Sea Quartzite belongs in that kitchen with all his woodworking. It just works. Another thing we decided on for sure is a mix of rustic, modern elements would ultimately come into play in multiple areas of his house and that, too, just works. I designed some options for sliding uppers instead of the standard open/close doors, and that not only fixes a spacial issues in the corners, but also incorporates his love for open shelving while keeping the ability to hide clutter an option. It’s a win-win for all parties, really.


Mick is a handyman who can literally do everything himself. He’s open minded, and a fantastic client to work with so that makes my job really easy. He loved the feel of the living room, so we aren’t changing a thing, scroll back up to see it again. Next step will be ordering materials, having him build the cabinets, and me going out there to rearrange, redesign, and bring life back into his spaces with products he’s already got. Once we wrap up the dining, living, and kitchen we’ll move to bathrooms and really get to work. They’re craving a makeover in the hardest way.

Stay tuned for updates, they’re gonna be good.