femme office t a k e o v e r

Hi! Kelly, here, bringing you our most recent project reveal: Caitlin’s Office. The most modern, glam, and chic office in all the land. 

When we started, the room for Caitlin’s future office housed a lot of the extra, random, and unessential things that are easy to close the door on and keep out of sight.  However, she wanted the space to not only be pretty, but functional.  And with the change that this year brought to so many, she began an at-home work routine that spurred the making of this dream home-office!

Our goals for this small 9’x9’ room-with-no-windows were to (1) make it feel bigger and brighter, adding in texture while keeping it neutral and tonal, (2) an overall minimal and modern feel with chic and lux touches, and (3) a splash of femininity. 

We pulled inspiration like this, hitting all the key elements:

Our design concept’s combined both new and vintage, comfy and refined:

In the end, we mixed and matched 2 of the concepts and we are soooo in love with the end results!

Working from home doesn’t have to be so bad after all, amiright?


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