Here a leak, there a leak..

When it rains, it pours. This last month has been hard, and when I say hard, I mean that it’s been one with more emotions and break downs than recent months past and I’m just now back to being able to function normally without crying on a whim.

Yes, I’m an emotional wreck on a daily basis, but even more so when I feel overwhelmed and out of control. Jump to this last month and I’ve been a nightmare.. whoops.

I’ll start from the beginning. 3 days before our anniversary, we discovered a leak coming through the kitchen sink wall, and into our window ledge. We debated cancelling our anniversary trip because we didn’t know the extent of the damage or even where it’s coming from. Initially, we thought it was coming from our guest bathroom, and just blocked it off until it was fixed and went on our AMAZING trip. We’ve never been more full of good food, and relaxed so hardcore ever. It was honestly the medicine we needed.

He planned the whole trip himself, starting with brunch at the Ruby Slipper Cafe, where we stuffed our faces with actual french toast.. on french bread.. bruleed.. and with rum sauce on top. We stopped at District Donuts Sliders and Brews twice because the cinnamon rolls and chicken sandwiches were to die for. We wined and dined and I’m slipping into a reminiscent food coma just thinking about it. And honestly when we hit the lottery, we’re just going to open up a District here in Houston and live above it so we can eat it everyday.

We also decided that we’d take turns planning anniversary trips every year, and then 5, 10, 15, and so on we’d plan something big together. Seems more fun that way, I think, and it prevents one of us (me) from being the planner every single year for 200 years.

So we come back to the mess that is our house with drywall missing in patches in our kitchen and a positive outlook on what’s going to happen.. because my negativity wasn’t helping my design thought process on what could be. Granted, I took my time to sulk before the trip.. because I wanted to redo our master bathroom..eventually.. not the guest that’s never used by R or myself.. and definitely at a better time for our wallets..

Of course, I had a timeline for what I wanted to do to the house, the exterior was in process.. the guest room(s), after they were vacant again.. the back porch.. the master bath.. the kitchen.. THEN the guest bathroom. Literally last on my list and now first priority, because I can’t share my bathroom (with 2 grown men) forever.

3 plumbers, 2 contractors, 1 water restoration company, and 2 insurance adjusters later… I’ve got half the bathroom torn out, and the other half has to come out this week. I’ve got all the tile ordered, and while it will be stunning, the amount of money it’s taking to do all of this outweighs anything that our insurance is providing. Shoutout to crummy insurance adjusters that don’t want to help you with anything!

But lucky for you all, I get more content to share with you through this unexpected design project!

Here’s a little sneaky peak of my vision. Crisp white walls with a deep green vanity, brassy features with faucets, lighting, and pulls (which I still can’t decide between), the most beautiful flooring from RiadTile, and white hand crafted brick tile.

Once everything starts coming in, I can show you a real life vignette in all it’s glory. While I’m excited, I’m also just lowkey wishing it was our master bathroom getting remodeled. Oh! And I almost forgot. We have a leaky shower in our master bathroom as well as our guest. So, it’s good.. it’s good.. maintaining sanity for a bit longer.. One thing at a time.

Until next time,