Houston snowpocalypse + my frizzy hair.

“Live in Houston!” they said, “it’s so nice!” they said. Well, they have obbbbviously never lived here during the snowpocalypse and have never dealt with hair like mine.

Let me break it down for you:

This weekend, we have beautiful weather: nice and breezy, cool but not cold, and the sun was out all day every day. Tuesday rolls around, and it’s below freezing and creates an ice rink in my backyard.

I wish I was kidding.

Texas weather is hard to deal with when you have curly unruly hair. If it’s humid? No volume. Probs gonna be frizzy. Forget about brushing.

If it’s dry? Don’t even THINK about touching it, because the moment you do, it’ll cling to any and everything.

Oh you wanna put it in a ponytail?

Ehhhhhh – wrong. Too heavy, too staticky. It’ll look like you just rubbed your head against a balloon at a kids birthday party and turned the balloon invisible.

It’s a struggle and a half.

The only product my hair’s been able to deal with lately, and for like the last 7 years, is virgin organic coconut oil. It’s the only thing that will hydrate my hair and heal the dryness. I’ve even been contemplating a change.. maybe go all out blonde and chop it all off?! Maybe it’s just mid-January-on-a-roll-change talking.

My stylist says to go easy with the blonde, due to the fact that curly hair tends to be more brittle on the ends.. and then you dry it all out with bleach to have beautiful blonde locks for like.. a week until you wash it all out and my hair turns it orange.

I’ve always been fairly jealous of the girls who can pull off blonde and brunette. With my skin tone, bronde is about as close as I come to the coveted color. And my hair is so weird, it literally only wants to hold like.. a few colors.. and only in a few spots.. for a few weeks. Then it takes on a mind of it’s own and changes like a mood ring. And yes, I’ve tried everything. Sulfate free shampoo + conditioner. Color safe S + C. Super expensive purple shampoo + conditioner. My hair is just my hair. It does what it wants.

Being that I was cooped up inside for the last two days, I decided I wanted to pull some outfits together from the new goodies I got for Christmas.

I ended up with one outfit + pictures before I gave up.

And yes, I’m wearing my sunnies inside because they’re basically my security blanket, ok? click here to get your own ($11.. srsly.)

Some days I’m just not in the mood. Some days I just dooon’t want to be motivated to do anything, to get dressed up (and would you ever know I didn’t wear makeup today?), to leave the house or be productive. Some days I just can’t deal.

But. I’ve got friends that tell me to “get yo tits up” and do something, anything. So. I did the laundry, and actually put it away (mom would be so proud), played 2 rounds of HQ trivia, took pics, worked out, bought enough wine for an actual apocalypse, and saw my chiropractor where we discussed the new shows on Netflix.

I also managed to take the advice of those before me and get some pretty bomb sushi. Seems to be a pattern for R and I when the weather is bad. Strip mall sushi always wins.

Productive day for the snowpocalypse, eh?


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