How to help a friend that’s a mom of 3, and sometimes 6.

A big part, for me, of friendship, is being the eyes and hands when they don’t have any of the aforementioned to offer. I don’t mind. I actually really enjoy it. I like being helpful. I like to be able to do something so they don’t have to worry about it. Even if it is cooking cookies that are just a little too crispy for their taste.

Even if they were perfect right out of the oven, I mean who actually waits for them to cool anyways?

Being that I don’t have children (does my needy dog count?) I like the practice. Even though sometimes the thought of being responsible for another life kind of makes my anxiety really go through the roof, I mean, am I even remotely ready for that? R and I have a rough timeline (insert God laughing hysterically here) of when R and I feel like we’ll be ready to bring other mini versions of ourselves into the world, and luckily for our ever-growing family that won’t be for at least another 3-5 years. Until then, we’ll just be the DINKs and be an extra set of hands for our loved ones that do have littles.

Oh yea, DINKs:

Dual Income No Kids

A title we are glad to claim for the next few years.

In the unforeseen circumstance that your friend, who is Entertainer of the Year btw, is obsessed with your throw you just purchased from HomeGoods, you extend your personal shopping services to be her eyes and hands in the real world, that world being the nearest Target and HomeGoods store.

Target is a dangerous place for a weak woman. I mean have you seen the new Project62 spring collection?! Those shades! I die. Anyways, getting sidetracked daydreaming doing a restyle of all my shelves downstairs with all the things.

SO. I wander down the aisles of HomeGoods and try to locate the twin to my throw I bought last week. No luck. Being a good set of eyes, I start sending my recommendations. Of course I send every shade of neutral, every non-competing pattern, mini matching pots, and shelf object in the place. If you haven’t visited recently, you should, or shouldn’t. You probably won’t leave without something.

And then I stumble upon the rugs, if you know me you know I’m a sucker for a good rug, and I find the perfect rug for her playroom. She wanted something geometric and simple, with a downplayed neutral color that would ground the space and compliment the other rugs in eyeshot from the front door.

Neutrals are life.

Now did she tell me this beforehand? No. Did I happen to pick the perfect rug out of her brain and place it in the store for me to find? Also no. But I did find one on my little shopping expedition by chance that I knew she’d love. And it went beautifully in the playroom.

It just brightened the whole space up, and pulled your eyes to the shelves that got restyled as well. I mean do you see those precious Anthro animals? We needed to put the baskets of smaller toys up top so that permission is required before they’re pulled out, and edit the shelves to make them a little more cohesive.

The easiest way for me to do this is just pull everything off and start from scratch. And she’s got the most beautiful toys, objects, and books for her littles so this wasn’t a hard job. She also didn’t really need my help because she, herself, is an amazing stylists and interior decorator. But we compliment each other’s style and I begged her to let me do it. Also she has the most beautiful house and sometimes I just don’t want to leave, okay?

You’re probably wondering how exactly this was helpful to someone who has spent 98% of the last 3 weeks being a host, an entertainer, and a mom, I mean, it’s JUST a playroom.

This is how:

she got to lay on the floor and take a catnap while her babes were down for a nap.

Boom. Helpful. Multipurpose friend. My favorite title.


Circus Bear // Fancy Flamingo // Lion in Overalls // Koala // Wooden Skwish Toy