it’s time to v e n t

As ‘typical instagram influencer’ as it sounds, I’ve had quite a few inquiries on the vent hood that sits crowning in my kitchen. It was probably one of the easiest diy’s I’ve ever taken on.

You’re going to want to start by measuring out how wide, deep, and tall you want your vent hood to be. I knew I didn’t want my vent hood way deeper than my shelves, so it sat at 11.5″ deep, and 33″ above my range, and all the way to the ceiling (I have 8′ ceilings for reference). Obviously your measurements are going to be different based on your own kitchen specs, just adjust as necessary!

Also, don’t forget to account for your internal vent hood that will do the actual ventilating, I used this one. Using the vent hood, I was able to build a 2×4 wood frame that would support and hold the vent hood up and mount directly to the wall. Side note: this is what you will mount your paneled covering to. Literally, it’s just a box you will screw the vent to, and then the panels. Don’t overthink it.

+ materials needed

lots of 1″x2″ pieces of common wood

you’re going to splice these into 1×1 pieces, and then cut the length to the specs of your vent hood covering

1/2″ birch plywood panels

1″ finishing screws

drywall anchors

After your box is built, measure out and cut your plywood panels to size (you’ll have 3 sides to measure, front x side x side). Then all of your pieces of common wood will be cut to length as well. Don’t start drilling pilot holes until you’ve got everything cut and spaced out. To space, I used a small 1/2″ square dowel, you can adjust and use whatever you want.

This is a very redundant and repetitive process, so after everything is marked, spaced, and ready for assembly, start with the front panel and screw in your common wood pieces. The front piece, once fully paneled, will be screwed to the other side pieces, so that no gaps occur in the paneling pattern. Repeat this process for the other 2 sides.

Once all is paneled and spaced to your liking, start with the side panels being screwed to the box (this should be mounted to your wall prior to installation of the panels). Follow with the front, making sure that you leave about 5-6″ of space under the edge for the vent hood to be recessed in (you don’t want your vent hood right at the end of the vent hood, amiright?)

Really, the process is pretty self explanatory and easy to accomplish with some elbow grease and a second set of hands to hold everything steady.