Let’s talk about LoveDay.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching which means that plans are already starting to be made for a romantic evening with just R and myself. Except that Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, and if you’re a normal working human like R, you work, and it’s not an all day or weekend affair.

For the last 3 years R and I have had quiet nights in cooking dinner for one another and saving as much money as we can.. The first of the year normally has alot of expenses and events that don’t stop until after April. So Valentine’s Day doesn’t hold alot of stock with us and we just try to keep it lowkey. But what I did find out is that my sweet sweet R made surprise reservations for us at a fancy schmancy restaurant called State of Grace, super cute, right?

But. I derailed that plan. Because while a night out with my guy would be magical, having him work all day and then come back to sit in more Houston traffic to go to an expensive restaurant to then turn around and fight traffic back to be exhausted for the next day’s work, he goes in at 5:00am.. no joke, just didn’t seem worth it. Plus we’ve got special things in the works for our little humble abode here in our corner of Copperfield, so sacrifices must be made for the good of the home we so love.
I don’t mind.
We’ve got the loveliest backyard full of trees and dead grass, thanks random cold front, a beautiful deck with little twinkle lights up above and my plan is to have a sweet dinner with just us and the stars.
It’ll be sweet.
Plus, expensive meals have never really been our go-to dates. We like more.. hole in the wall fantastic joints that don’t cost the same as a down payment on a car. They’re great every now and then for really special occasions, but not for a Thursday night Valentine’s.
I do have a cute outfit planned though.. Not sure if you caught my excitement for my new Lulu’s shoes that came in, but they are TO DIE for. They’ll last until R gets home and before we go outside to sit under the stars, but next time we go out on the town, you bet they’ll be the ones I’ll grab. Paired up with this little number for F21:

I’ve had a mild obsession with polka dots for a while now, and this little red number, while I’m not normally a fan of red, is just calling my name. R was surprised when I showed him this Selfie Leslie romper from F21, because red is n o t my color of choice for anything, ever. Growing up, it’s the color my mom infused into everything always, and she worked it. Me? Not so much. I loathed the color. But, maybe I’m feeling a change of heart. Like mother like daughter, I suppose.