love (this) island

When we were referred by our long time clients to help first time Houstonians with their home, we knew we had a great opportunity to make something amazing out of this builder grade, not great home. Which is great! We love being able to come in and spice up what would otherwise be a standard early 2000s home, because alot of times, depending on the area, there are some quirks to work around. It offers a challenge while also being a ‘wow’ before and after. We get to inject some character and uniqueness into the space while enhancing resale value and major design envy.

Starting from the beginning, we were brought in to design the kitchen, design a killer living room, and finally design the bathroom for phase II. When we walked the space, some of the tell-tale signs of a builder grade are mistakes in construction and installation, bandaid fixes, and lack of quality in craftsmanship in some (obvious to me) inconspicuous ways. Things like.. shoving a standard door into an oversized arched alcove, and cutting the 90 degree trim to “fit” into the curve.. Or patch working standard 12″ x 12″ porcelain tile into a pattern to mask a bad transition job within an 18″ x 18″ porcelain tile. Or installing a wood laminate floor into random areas, in the middle of the home..

To maximize our assistance and laying out all of the things that we ourselves would recommend addressing in phase one, we picked new lighting throughout to replace some of the more dated fixtures, flooring options and installation costs per square foot, a kitchen transformation with a custom 11′ island and integrated eat in table, living room furnishings from top to bottom, new paint color scheme throughout, and finally a primary bath of luxury spa dreams.

B   E   F   O   R   E


T   H   E    C   O   N   C   E   P   T


To make things easier, click here to see the kitchen, click here to see the stunning living room transformation, and here to see the spa inspired bathroom of your dreams.