Month of me + updates

Man, it’s been a while. So much has changed since the last post. Holidays got me, then some pretty significant life changes taking place, now acquiring a whopping 5 projects going on simultaneously. The stress is real. But it’s so good. It’s like being stressed about having too much fun.

Is that a thing?

I’ve decided that January is going to the month of me. I’m taking some much needed personal time and space to focus on my clients, my business, getting my life in order, prioritizing things that give me life and ridding myself of the negative that clutters my mind and space. I started this blog to become a creative outlet for my thoughts and work and I’ve neglected it pretty hardcore in the last few months. No more.

I’m going to dedicate at least one day a week to really put my thoughts down and focus my energy on the healing properties of sharing. That sounds so cheesy but also so poetic, right?

Right, so updates:

Bubeck Master Bath

What we’re doing:

Taking out all the old, and bringing it up to date with the times. It really was just begging for a makeover, and I’m happy to be the giver of that transformation.

Where we started:


What we’re keeping:

The oversized mirror is going to be joining us in the new bath, but everything else goes. Floor plan will stay in tact, but all surfaces are changing. We’ll be bringing in new floors, vanity, new shower tile on both the floors and walls, as well as a new custom glass shower door. The faucets and fixtures will be updated along with the removal of the old custom corner tub and replaced with a more modern freestanding tub featuring a freestanding tub filler. It’ll be a beaut for sure.

What that looks like:

What we decided on:

My wonderful client has been to and lived in some amazing places around the world. Her style is a heavy mix of vintage, with a splash of eclectic-ness to bring in all of her travels and adventures. She wanted her bathroom to be an oasis, bringing in a clean, spa-like essence for her to escape to after a hard day. What we did was bring in all the elements from these ideas and incorporate them in a way that works best for her. She’s got dogs, kids, and hard water beyond comprehension. Good ol’ Katy water for you. So we needed a design that was durable for her family, but representative of her style.


We kept the palette light, the floors neutral, quartzite countertops in a beautiful honed variance, custom vanity lights, dual head shower faucet and tub filler, and brushed nickel accents to combat the water situation. We’re going to be bringing in some of her fantastic artwork and plants to fill the space with more of the eclectic feel she exudes. We also managed to be able to give her other bathrooms mini facelifts with the extra materials we’ll have, so every bathroom will be new and beautiful and shiny again.

This project before and after will be one for the books. I’m super excited to be partnering with some great contractors to make it happen. Stay tuned for the reveal coming real soon!