Nagging wife wins again

There are times that I feel really bad for R that he married me. I mean, I can be a real nag when it comes to things I want done. Take for instance this beauuuutiful wardrobe I wanted built for our room. I saw it on Pinterest and just had to have one. I saw that it came from Urban but it was unavailable..


So what do I do? I put my husband on the task. I show him what it is, a guesstimate of how big I want it, and he gets to work… eventually. I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with, because like this beautiful finished wardrobe, when there are projects, I don’t quit until it’s done and in it’s place. Click here for the how-to.

Even my brother was nagging at me for nagging at him. I’ll just tell you, that my wardrobe sat in my garage for 3 days just waiting for him to add a brace to the bottom. 3.. days..

But. I’m ever thankful for my husband’s great ability to create things for me. Even if I do nag him until he snaps and I have to apologize with my last strawberry lemonade popsicle. Aaaaand if I’m right the first time about the measurements.. But that’s neither here nor there.

I want to share something with you.

No matter how much I nag that guy, or how impatient I get (because seriously, it’s not life or death if the wardrobe is built in a matter of 36 hours), or how many times I literally just snap because he’s doing some weird thing with his face on the blanket – he always gets what I want done.


So – what’s the point of this post? It’s to tell you to cut your husband, or your significant other, some slack sometimes. Sometimes they just don’t want another project on their plate. Sometimes they just want to sit on the couch with you and not do anything. Sometimes they want to play games until wee hours of the night.

And yes, sometimes all of this is probably really annoying and aggravating because if you could work the (reciprocating?) saw by yourself then you’d have it built, stained, and assembled in a day..

but that’s not the point.

The point is, if you ask your SO to do something, give them time to do it. Before you nag, before you start criticizing them, before you start calculating how long it would take Y O U to do something, just take a breath and relax. Think about how amazing it is to have someone that can create whatever you dream up, how fantastic it feels to have that person that doesn’t hesitate to say “yea, I could make that” even if it’s something dumb or overly complicated.

I am so freaking blown away by R’s patience with me. Did I mention that after we had our living room painted, that I hated it and went bezerk and now it looks like an abstract art project on our TV wall?


Makes no sense. I’m so lucky. Okay. I’m done swooning over R. Interested in the products you see here? I’ll link them below.


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Everything we found in the wood and plumbing aisles at your nearest home improvement store.

Wardrobe how to:

We used black, but if you want it more industrial, swing for the galvanized, plumbing pipes (3/4″).

(1) 60″ pipe
(1) 48″ pipe
(1) 36″ pipe
(4) 10″ pipes
(2) L shaped connectors
(10) pipe base connectors
(1) 2″ x 10″ x 52″ wooden board
(2) 2″x 10″ x 27″ wooden boards
(1) package of wood screws
(1) package of stationary wheels*
(1) package mobile wheels*
(1) can spray paint**

You’ll need a drill for this.

Start with cleaning and spray painting all your pipes and connectors, once those are all done and dry it’s much easier to then put everything together. (We didn’t let them dry all the way and then had touch ups after it was assembled.)

I recommend putting all the small pipes together with base connectors on both sides firmly tightened. It will be easier to connect them all once you have the holes measured and marked.

Measure out all your connector holes before you start securing anything to the wood. You don’t want to deal with a split from your wood screws, or screws meeting each other through the wood.

The outer (larger) pipes will be the last to attach, so save those for later.

Start with the smaller (already assembled) pipes, and attach them at 24″apart, centered in the middle of the 27″ wood board. This will be your top shelf. These pipes will lead to the second shelf, where you will mark the holes.

On your second shelf, before you’ve secured the piping attachment, make sure the holes for the bottom base connector (on the bottom side of the second shelf) do not align with the top base connector.

Mark holes, and begin securing remaining piping attachments, making sure the top and bottom alignments do not meet within the wood.

Connect remaining pipes, this should be your outer pipe arrangement, and secure it to the base wood board, and the top of the first shelf.

Lay flat and secure wheels on the bottom of the base board.

We finished off with a quick sanding, and (ungracefully) moved it upstairs.

Style and pose as desired. 🙂

*Wheels are at your own discretion, we preferred the smaller wheels VS the larger ones.
**Spray paint the colors that suit you. We chose metallic gold and matte black.