Nobody likes you when you’re 23.

Hello, and welcome! Since you’re here you’re probably wondering what exactly is going on, and what all of this is about.


I’m here to tell you about myself, since this is a blog, and this is the internet, so technically I’m supposed to talk about myself.. right?

I’m Kayla. Married name, K.Atwell, so there you have Katwell. I’m 23, and it’s probably been the hardest

Tom DeLonge was not lying.

A lot has happened this year.. and I’m here to fill you in. Open up my life like a book to you, so that you may find solace in knowing that life: hard, raw, life, happens to us all, and that you are NOT alone.

I’m not perfect, and will never be the perfect person or wife or blogger, but we all get through this life together, and hopefully my (sometimes) witty banter may shine a light on your day and make you smile.

Glad you’re here.