Officially official.

Well readers, it’s official. I have broken into the design game. I just got the email last week declaring it.
Let me rewind.
About two months ago I found myself applying for a designer position with Not expecting anything to come of it, I went on about my life.. assisting the sweetest designer in the Heights, helping clients of my own here in Copperfield, expanding my clientele reach, so on and so forth.
Until 2 weeks ago, I get an email sending me to the next round of applicants, and asking me to create 3 design renderings I’d never.. ever.. done before. I had a deadline of 7 days. That’s 7 days to teach myself how to create a mood board, 2D rendering, and a floor plan of the “mock client’s” room. So, 4 programs, 6 youtube videos, and 36 hours later I have it all created and ready for submission.
I felt confident. Which didn’t feel totally normal for someone who had little to no experience creating virtual design renderings, but nonetheless, confidence was the feeling of choice.
Then I got the email.

So.. there you have it.

O f f i c i a l.

I’m working on expanding my local presence, learn all I can with sweet Carol, and gain exposure with the interweb through the best designer match-making service out there.
One step and one day at a time.