pegboard confessional

Hi! Kelly, here. Last fall, Kayla hired me to join Self + Space and it has been so fun to be part of the team!

Over the past few months, I’ve been updating my kids’ rooms, tackling DIYs when I can, and I was so excited when Kayla asked if I would share the process. There’s not many design-related decisions made without Kayla’s input, even (and especially!) in my own home, so it was nice to have her ideas and help with these projects.

It didn’t take much convincing for her to talk me into painting the bedrooms white. The baby blue HAD to go. We chose Ultra Pure White by Behr, the perfect pure white without any beige undertones. For the boys’ room, both the bunk beds and dresser were staying, but I knew I needed to add some sort of shelving for all their toys, art, and lego creations! I was totally inspired by a Pinterest oversized peg board idea, and knew it would be the perfect compliment to the room.

My husband followed this tutorial from Vintage Revivals, and it has a LOT of helpful tips for making the project quick and easy! Basically, we trimmed the plywood to 4’x5.5’, traced a grid for the pegs, drilled the holes, and hung them on the wall following the exact steps of the tutorial. Once the plywood was attached to the walls, I used painter’s tape to map out the shelves. Really, I just eyeballed where I wanted them to go and how long each shelf would be. We chose poplar wood: cut, sanded, and left them raw and unstained. My 7 year old helped me push in each peg, and lay the boards across. Honestly, one of the most simple, quick, and rewarding projects to date!




The boys are pretty stoked about all the display space. And I have to admit, it’s a stunner to walk in and see!





Can’t wait to update on more of the progress of this room as well as my little girl’s room!

xo, Kelly