Still alive.

Oh man. It’s been a while. I don’t know if it was because of my eyes or the constant need to feel connected, but a few weeks ago I decided I needed a break. From the updating and social networks and pictures and just all of it.. I just needed a breather to focus and re-prioritize.

I have been busy, though. My dear friend, Kristen, recently commissioned me to take over the redesign of her home starting with the dining room and living room.

When we had our initial consultation, she told me how she was normally the recipient of most her family’s unwanted furniture, was a hoarder of all photos old and new, and wasn’t sure how to decorate and project her style accurately.

Her desired design style was a mix between industrial and rustic with a dash of modern. She loved the warm tones of wood and metal but wanted to bring in some brighter, modern, pieces with marble and brass. She had to keep the modern fairly refined otherwise her hubs wouldn’t be on board.

What she needed:


Recliner / Side chair (Kevin approved)

Coffee table

Side tables



Dining table (optional)

Dining chairs


After speaking, I created a very basic 3-D rendering based on my understanding of her wants and needs, with Kev in mind as well, to outline the space and how certain products would fit.


She has a very open floor plan and large beautiful windows that inspired me to declutter and minimalize the space.

Products for the dining room came easy, as larger living room purchases require custom orders, 4-10 week delivery windows, and backorders galore.

My vision for her space was to get the furniture out that wasn’t adding anything of value to the space, and utilize the existing floorplan to accommodate a more purposeful footprint for the dining room and living room. In doing so, adding larger rugs to each area defines the space without adding bulky furniture pieces that make the space feel small.

I sourced a couple new rugs in earth-tone shades, layered with faux cowhides from World Market for the added modern element, live edge dining table and console tables for the warmth, oversized brass mirror to create airiness, and simple lined leather and black upholstered chairs (similar leather chairs here) to keep the space clean and meaningful (yes, there’s a third chair in the rendering, it was for Kristen to decide on which chair she felt more drawn to in the proposed space).

Unfortunately, our coveted West Elm trough light fixture is backordered until mid April/early May, but it didn’t stop the space from feeling totally new. Few details remain in the dining room: finishing up the tablescape with Hearth and Hand chargers, delivery of the light fixture, locating the last bowl for place settings, and waiting on a restock of curtains from World Market.

Pre-final product:

For the living room, delivery of just about everything is for mid April/early May, so as soon as those come in I’ll be sure to post an update.

Until then, this rendering is the initial inspiration, and I can’t wait for you all to see the finished product.


Of course, once everything is installed and styled, you’ll get tons of pretty pictures of my work on this lovely home.

Until then,