The home on Sunny Ridge.

If you live near the Atwell residence, then prepare yourself for some major changes coming your way on your normal commute home. R and I love our little corner of paradise. We feel so beyond blessed to be homeowners at our young age. And being me, I’m always looking for ways to make something seemingly better. If you’ve seen our home (click here, if not) then you know that we did a minor facelift downstairs with a new fresh coat of paint and some new accessories for our shelves.

The fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve got plans for a new kitchen remodel, new master bathroom, and an exterior facelift from Heaven. Our current kitchen situation looks a little like this:

What you can’t see is the fridge on the opposite side with shelves and a small counter space, a weird hollow mini wall coming from the ceiling, it’s literally like a 2x2x6 baby wall, and our pantry on the left of the fridge.

So, the changes that I plan on making is opening the space up by removing the cabinets above the oven, replacing the microwave with a more modern vent hood, getting a counter top microwave for the mini counterspace, new counters, new sink, and simplifying the bottom cabinet game.

I’ve drawn out and designed the entire remodel, and it will come out looking similar to these visual references. (via Pinterest)

It feels a little all over the place, but we’re feeling a statement marble for the countertops, something with a tinge of blue and gold, counter to ceiling solid white porcelain contemporary mosaic tile backsplash, wrapped open shelves (that match our living room shelves) on the right side of the sink to go the length of the wall above the oven, brass faucet and sconces above the shelves, new pulls and hardware, and new cabinet doors to create the seamless look we want.

Can you see it?
We’ll end up doing alot of the demo ourselves, and I’ll more than likely try my hand at doing most of the tedious work that isn’t too difficult to cut down on our contractor work.
For our master bath.. this is the situation going on right now:

It’s rough. The builder of our house really liked his angles and if squeezing every angle into one room was their goal, they succeeded. It pretty much made any chance of maximizing the space given virtually impossible.
But! With some careful measurements and ingenuity, I figured out how to gain, rearrange, and design the bathroom of my dreams.
We’ll start by moving our closet wall back so we can straighten the closet entry wall to give us extra space for the entrance to the actual bathroom, which in turn gives us a significant amount of space to move the tub down and make our 2×2 shower into a much much larger shower. We’re also knocking down the “privacy” wall near the potty to open the space up that much more, you’d be surprised how much difference it makes.

Materials haven’t been pinned down yet, but it’ll probably be something along the lines of this. Natural, neutral, and spectacular. (via Pinterest)

As far as the exterior projects to come, we’ve got plans for a full painting of the entire house, paint all our shutters a perfect shade of indigo, new garage door, and new landscaping that will complete the job.

By the time we’re finished, our front yard will look like a dream with vibrant shades of green and blue complete with a couple new doors and new light fixtures to top it all off. (via Pinterest)

Our piece of paradise is already more than we could ask for, but to say I’m excited for the upcoming changes would be a wild understatement. Be sure to subscribe so you can stay tuned for all our projects coming in 2018!