The lies KarJenner told us.

Okay. So I’ve tried to make my health a real part of my 2018 resolutions. And by my health I mean submitting myself to the work of a waist trainer, the death drink of OJ and ACV, and the KarJenner famed FitTea all combined with the fun of high intensity workouts. Yes, extreme, I know. I feel like I’ve taken every fad and every popular method of getting a smaller waist line and put them all to use simultaneously. Blame those KarJenners! See a post for FitTea.. buys FitTea on Amazon. See a related link to waist trainers.. scowers the reviewed products.. buys waist trainer on Amazon. I’ve figured it out. I am the targeted consumer. But can I just say, I have seen improvement! At least I think I have.. I don’t know if it’s the extreme measures of the waist trainer, or the fact that I have been really trying to pay attention to what I eat. Although I get the more than occasional craving for cheetohs. Okay, and I’ve really put effort into the Keto diet, but I just can’t drop my relationship with bread. I know enough about diets and meal plans and prepping to know my limits, and bread is always at the forefront. It’s one thing that I can cut back on, but not something I can ever break up with indefinitely.

Few take aways I can share:

1) I firmly believe in the art of high intensity workouts, even just 20 minutes. This is what I use, and I’ve had some really great results from it.

2) A diet is a fad. But controlling and monitoring what you eat is a lifestyle change that leads to permanent good habits.

3) Waist trainers are not the worst, but I think the KarJenners have way more help than just a velcro corset to get those tiny waists. I personally love mine, but it may be a placebo effect. Oh well..

4) Finding someone to workout with and be apart of your lifestyle change is way easier than trying to do it alone, unless that person makes it difficult to find motivation and encouragement. Sometimes you’ve got to go it alone.

5) Find. Your. Balance. Not every workout or meal plan or method will have the same results with you. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get mad. Just have patience and find what works for you.

Also, try to limit your consumption of dream girls on social media. It’s the quickest way to find yourself at the bottom of a gallon bucket of cookie dough and self loathing.

And do not, by any means, start comparing yourself to anyone else. You are amazing, and beautiful, and perfect. We all have our own journeys we’re on, and while each one looks and feels a little different, the best we can do is our best.

I’ll be over here resisting cheetohs and working on my fitness.