the minimal, but maximal back patio

What once was a watered down paved “back yard”, is now a walk out deck with built in custom bench seating and plants to allow the indoors out when the dining room doors are open. In an effort to save a once drab back yard situation (really, it was like the size of a compact parking spot) and make it functional, we had the idea to build the entire space up, and incorporate built in seating to maximize the space and build in the planters so they create a barrier between the neighbors and also allow for privacy when out back.

This space did not fail to be one of the more taxing projects, building wise, and when working in design and construction there are many many many hurdles that one has to jump through. This project was not for the faint of heart, but has definitely resulted in a space that this couple enjoys (when the Houston weather allows) on an almost daily basis.


Because I mean really, take a look at these befores.



And after several iterations of contractors and construction woes, we have the incredible after. Which is connected directly off this dining that we did, and I mean seriously, the dream.