the minimal office

Welcome back.

In this episode of “we love this project and look at how it’s changed”, we bring you the office. A space that we took from a cramped bedroom + office combo, to a custom experience for both the owners and guests alike. Our clients wanted to be able to spend time together while they work without the bulk of a bed. So we opted for a daybed/sofa combo that just so happened to have the namesake of the house princess, Kona. FermLiving really did us proud with this bed design which combines both a Japandi design aesthetic with the perfect minimal footprint we were looking for. To hit the mark for the utilitarian of the home, we designed a custom floating desk that incorporates ledge shelving for books (and art alike), and deeper shelving to retrofit the nook that was lacking a purpose. Check it out below, hope you love it as much as we do.


Check out these befores, they won’t disappoint. 




If you love this, check out the primary bedroom, it’s a jaw dropper.