The one with the turkey on Monica’s head.

Anyone remember the episode where Monica is fixing Thanksgiving dinner, and she gets the turkey stuck on her head? Friends? Anyone? Okay, just me.

Well, that’s about how I felt today. Felt like shoving the perfectly roasted turkey on my head and dancing around. Today makes Thanksgiving round

T W O. To say that my waist line is suffering due to the inflation of carbs (Sister Schubert rolls for the win) and sweets (thank you, Whiskey Cake) is an understatement. I love love the holidays, especially ones involving good food.

It’s definitely the hardest time of the year to be trying to lose weight.. whose idea was this anyways?.. so I’ve been trying to maintain portion control.. but let’s be honest, when there’s 34 different kinds of pie, portion control just means ONE piece of EACH.


No?.. probably not..

Oh well.. I wanted to share some thoughts with you. I find myself very reminded of why I’m thankful after a good phone call with my mom. She talked to me about how she prayed for all of us and asked God to give us peace. Man, is He good. I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude for this time in my life. Thankful for this opportunity. Thankful for many things:

1. Thankful for an amazing God who has given me so much in this life. He continues to bless and amaze me each and every day, and I definitely wouldn’t have been here without His grace and patience (because I’m sure it takes a lot.)

2. Thankful for my amazing husband. He is patient and kind, perfectly offsetting my mood swings and supports my spending habits. There aren’t enough good things to say about R. He is my person.

3. Thankful for my friends. They are all so different, and I would be here all day trying to explain how thankful I am for each one, so for now they get lumped.

4. Ever thankful for my family. It’s extended and definitely not perfect by any means, but man are they the best. I am so immensely blessed with an amazing life line and support system.

5. Thankful to be in a beautiful home, and to be in the place that I am after this year. I have been blessed so great this year that it makes me so grateful for the struggles and the low points, because never did I think we would be where we are now.

6. Also super thankful for Black Friday deals after a nice turkey lunch + naps, though R would disagree.

Okay, now back to my Friends binge.