The weekend ft. Fish

Have you ever had one of those weekends, the ones that you couldn’t plan it any better if you tried, that everything just… happens? In all of it’s anxiety ridden goodness and you just let go for a whole 48 hours?

Well, when you’re best friend is house sitting in a cute little town 3 hours from you, you jump in the car and you take that spontaneous rode trip with your pup in tow.

?Notice the pupper in full majestic mode

I am NOT a good trip taker, normally. I enjoy long walks to the fridge and the occasional stroll up the stairs to my big comfy blue bed. (Yes, I have a blue bed, and eventually I’ll post about it and all the details, but for now pay attention to the story at hand.)
But.. my usual slumber in the car (because let’s be real here, R normally drives everywhere and I sleep mouth wide open in the passenger seat… he loves me) had to take a backseat so I could beat the holiday traffic there and back.

Part I: The Kitchen

When A and I get together, we’re probably the best and worst influences on each other. But there’s one spot where our friendship is at it’s best. And that’s, you guessed it, the kitchen.

98% of girl + girl friendships end in dance parties in the kitchen. Know your statistics.

I don’t claim to know it all, but the above fact is true. When Selena comes on you “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” around the table and eat homemade protein balls while you do it.

Part II: The Farmer’s Market

Fish really had no idea what to expect at this thing. I mean.. He was basically in pupper heaven with fresh meats and cheeses around every corner, not to mention all the dog butts to smell behind every bustling person trying to maneuver through the market.

There were plants and veggies and jerky and coffees and oils and everything your local heart could desire.

With R not there, I tried to contain myself, but could NOT be held responsible for my actions when passing this succulent booth. I mean seriously, look at those shades!

So we coffee’d and we strolled along and tried to take picturesque photos of instagram worthy moments, and enjoyed our slow day in the perfect 70 degree Texas weather.

Which btw, hardly ever happens in South Texas.. like ever.

Part III: Mixtapes

If you follow me on Snapchat, I’m sorry. You (possibly) got the chance to see our Downtown NB shenanigans before it disappeared forever this morning when I was sober enough to realize that I posted everything to My Story. …yay me…

When DK (drunk Kayla) gets control, she’s not exactly “in control”. Does that make sense?

The remainder of this night and this weekend will go down with the best of them and be one of my favorite memories with my best friend.

Btw, if you’re not already, follow the snap. Lots of good moments captured there.. not always on purpose.

Shoutout to my favorite Ebay find ever!

—–> denim jacket


This weekend renewed my soul.

Until next time.