TRANSPARENCY: We always want to be very transparent with our clients and allow the entire process from start to finish to be an inclusive and learning experience. Just like our pricing, there won't be any surprises along the way.

CONSULTATION: The project starts with a consultation where we get a good feel for the scope of the home, as well as the dynamic with the client. This allows us to learn how we can best help, get feedback and direction of where our clients are at, and advise accordingly. Following this meeting, we put together an all inclusive project proposal which details all the ins and outs of what to expect and what we can provide.

DIRECTION: We then begin our directional phase where we assign our clients homework, and start building a moodboard and directional that visually represents the aesthetic and style of the home and the direction the the overall design is moving.

DESIGN: Once we have our secondary meeting, we get to move into the conceptual phase where we dive deep into the creative process where all the magic happens. We spec out the materials, begin elevations, create 2D concepts full of product, material, finishes, fixtures, spacial planning, and finally provide the 3D photorealistic renders of the spaces in our final presentation of all of our ideas and options.

EXECUTION: Following our presentation, the progression of the next steps begin to take flight, whether that be procuring products for the spaces, involving the other areas of our team to bid out construction/renovation, starting with the build out, or even providing the renovation plans for future execution. Depending on your project package, and what your scope is, we transition into the project management side to make sure our client's projects run as smoothly as possible.

Don’t just enjoy your home,
elevate it.