Valentines Schmalentines.

Oh Valentines.. started off so well.

Let me explain.

R and I had a quiet night in filled with good music from a playlist created back when we first started dating, and lots of snuggling. Until it wasn’t. He had ordered some surprises for valentines, and though he paid for expedited shipping, they did not arrive.


As we enjoyed the stars and sweet nothings surrounding us, we noticed something… a freaking leak.. coming from our second floor bathroom.. slowly seeping through the exterior siding of our home.


I panic, of course, thinking the worst. Mad that it’s the guest bathroom and not the master because I didn’t want to redo that bathroom for a while. Selfish, I know. And dumb, obviously. But still. This wasn’t apart of my plan. Plan was:
Exterior paint.
New door.
New garage door.
Master bathroom.

Nowhere in my list did guest bathroom come for a few more years. An unplanned and unexpected expense we are now having to prepare for. Fingers crossed that it’s not too big of problem, and that it doesn’t call for all of our remodel budget.


Now. Just after NYE, R and I were headed to le Home Depot, for what I don’t even remember now. Spotted a premier parking spot up close, right next to the curb, perfect, that’s at least 50% less chance getting door dinged by some bozo on one side of the truck.

Good odds.

R makes a conscious effort to swing out wide, even going up on the curb to avoid making contact with another vehicle.

We park, go inside, still to this day I don’t remember for what.. paint maybe?.. anyways. Come back out, and there is some man taking pictures of our truck.. LOL. We’re confused, he’s on the phone, R tries talking to him to figure out what’s going on, and this man is claiming that we have hit his truck.. pointing at dirt on our truck, trying to match it with a scratch on his drivers side rear bumper (which doesn’t make sense if you’re still following along). It was all crazy. So this man is making a commotion, causing a fuss, and we try talking to him again, he’s not listening, so we leave. Call our insurance, let them know what’s going on, leave it at that.

On Valentine’s Day, we receive a letter from our local sheriff saying that we’re being investigated for a hit and run. LOL LOL.

And 3.

Moral of the story: there is no moral of the story. Adulthood is hard. Responsibility is hard. Life is hard. But in between all this craziness, R and I shared so many sweet moments that we hadn’t shared in a long time. It reminded me to be grateful for the struggle and be grateful for the quiet moments of peace that come before and after the struggle.

So, I’m grateful. And I’m anxious. And just taking life a day at a time.