newsflash: we love Europe

Which, quite honestly I don’t know how you could’ve it’s all I’ve posted about for over a month.. BUT, in the off chance that you did, I wanted to share some updates on our trip to Europe. Quite honestly the most rejuvenating and amazing trip I’ve ever been on and hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. Oh, and the food.. holy sweet LOOORT the food was unreal – 10ish pounds well worth it.

We crashed with my sweet friend Bry and her booski in Austin the night before and ended up indulging in some solid quality time and sushi from the best hole-in-the-wall south of Austin. Following some really tragic and stressssssful airport BS, we were on the plane and headed to London in the tiniest of seats near the back of the plane with more people than I care to reminisce about. The flight there was pretty straight forward, 9 hours overnight with halfway decent airplane food and all you can drink booze, the works, obviously.

We basically employed Uber the entire time we were abroad, opting to avoid the inevitable hazard that would be either of us attempting to drive in a foreign country. The Chunnel from London to Paris, while jet lagged, starving, and barely functioning, was phenomenal. For one, the technology to be able to travel under the sea is mind-blowing, but two, the French countryside is breathtaking. I mean absolutely just picturesque in every way.

We Paris’d like locals with the airbnb host and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The weather was rainy but pleasant and the sunsets were unreal with shades of lilac, mauve, and corals in every direction. Favorite place we dined was for a Sunday brunch with Hicham and let me tell you, beyond a doubt, the most amazing food bar-none. Between the bread and the cheeses and the pastries, my love for carbs skyrocketed with the local flavors and use of fresh ingredients at every meal. But also the wine, because ya girl don’t play.


Before Nice came the cutest little village of Le Rouret. The stay wasn’t near long enough, but it’s a place that I will be returning sooner rather than later. When you think of Le Rouret, it’s literally like a town still in the olden ages with little markets and bistros around every corner. Up in the mountains, tucked away from the hustle and bustle felt like a retreat that was much needed after Paris. Next time though, definitely going to rent a car and attempt the winding roads because I don’t want to get stranded at a private restaurant at 11:00 again with no Ubers to venture out into the wilderness to pick up. It was an adventure to say the least.

But the food was unreal and the views were incredible, as was every stop along the way, surprise surprise.



Now Nice was a different story. We stayed in Old Nice which turns out to be the hub of all things amazing and fantastic in the south of France. It’s quite literally the oldest part of Nice, and full of the most characteristic little spots. We walked to the market daily to scoop up some fresh bread, meat, cheese, and of course a schmorgusborg of treats. Pants got a little snugger but the treks were unreal.


We even accidentally biked 10+ miles to Villefranche because I got the idea to bike to Eze. Dumb. AND IN JEANS NONETHELESS. Double Dumb. My compromise for that dumb decision was a picnic on the floor of the airbnb with the best rosé around. Judge me.


The longest of our stay, we stayed close to Nice for the most part until we ventured out to the cutest village of Eze. A day trip that gave me all the Mediterranean vibes I yearned for in the trip. A stroll up the mountain to the cliff side village filled with shops and picturesque panoramas of the Cote de Azur. We stopped and dined at a hidden garden deli up near the top and indulged in mimosas and fresh baked caprese pizza (fr fr the best pizza). Being that close to Italy, the carbs were real. Even the culture and art scene were so inspirational, it sparked an unreal amount creativity in me for my upcoming project and in my own self-love journey. Does that make sense? Probs not. Just go with it.



It was over too soon, in my opinion. And the trek back to England was quick and painless, with the exception of the worst Uber driver in the history of Uber drivers. We stayed in Oxford, and it’s definitely a favorite of mine forever. The rain just contributed to its charm and didn’t bother us none. A short little stay was all we needed, although honestly I could spend a full summer there. It’s just the cutest.



London was an easy bus ride from Oxford and welcomed us with a torrential downpour in which we camped in a cute local pub and ate our weight in cronuts with all our luggage. And we didn’t see the queen, maybe next time.



We basically slept though London, but the food we did have was bangin’.

We’re already talking about going back in the next few years, because it was just the most amazing trip ever.

Fish and Chips were anxiously awaiting our return, and we were ready to get back. But next time I think we’ll bring them with. They’d enjoy the long walks in nature.

Projects and home renovations have been keeping me busy, but stay tuned for updates on my instagram.

Until next time,