Weddings and feels.

It’s cold and rainy in Houston. Fish and I have our snacks, blankets, and cheesy Christmas movies to keep us company for the day ahead. We don’t plan on leaving. BUT this weekend we got to make a trip back to the town where it all began to celebrate our sweet friends got married. The wedding and the couple were beautiful and of course it took R and I back to our special day, my most favorite day.

I’m a sucker for all things sappy.

As I scroll through a few of our wedding day pictures, I just can’t help but be so grateful for the people that helped make it the most magical day. (With Wild & Grace, Jenna Lynn Events, Youri Claessens Photography, Hannah Joy’s Cakes, Bhldn, The Grove) & shoutout to my mom for being extra patient that morning.

It was refreshing to spend that time away with my guy and celebrate our friends and our love for each other. I genuinely could plan and attend weddings for a living, although they’d need to create a real cry-proof mascara..

On a lighter note, I’ve really got to teach my husband the ways of an instagram-husband, (seriously go watch it, so funny) this outfit was top 5 faves of mine. Would you ever guess this skirt was found in the $5 bin at H&M?! (It’s not available anymore, so I’ll link a twin here.) It was originally purchased to be used for Halloween so R and I could be Johnny Castle and Baby from Dirty Dancing, but thankfully multi-purposed to create a softer look with this Lulu’s top. I’m not normally one to be super girly, but I didn’t want to take this outfit off.

Weddings really spur something inside of me. They make me want to be really sweet to R and be all clingy and affectionate, and if you’re around us you know R is the ultimate stage 5 clinger, and really grateful for my guy. Like, he chose me. I chose him. We made this conscious effort to love one another and be faithful to one another for the rest of our lives. It’s so romantic. Obviously, weddings, romance, love, blah blah blah.

But when you really think about the level of commitment, how much love and trust it takes to promise your life and your heart to someone else. There’s nothing like it. Except the love from our Lord. He gave His son so that we could live. He paid our debts so that we could live in eternal paradise. It’s a love like none other. Makes me really thankful for the season.

Speaking of the season, I’ve really got to finish up my shopping before next week.. Christmas is in a WEEK. And I’m still not wrapped up. Yikes.

Okay, I have to stop procrastinating now.