Welcome to our home!

Few places for me are better than home. When you spend so much time and effort (and money) to make it feel like your home, you start finding excuses not to leave.

I mean honestly, R and I could just have a pantry full of food, our sweet pup, and we’d be content for a good long while. We love our home. I’ve already been through the schpeel of how we got blessed with our home and how much it’s meant to us, but it really doesn’t do it justice. I’m a stylist at heart and it applies to every aspect of my life. R and I (mostly me) worked hard to find just the right pieces for every room. And when I say find just the right pieces, I mean I’ve gone through 5 different rugs for the living room, 3 in our bedroom, and our entry has seen 3 different styles entirely. It’s been a journey for sure.

One thing I’ve discovered through all of this is that while I’m a Pinterest junky, I have to identify when I’m trying too hard to mimic a style and when it’s actually just my own inspiration and creativity bringing a space to life. Also that R contains way more patience than I deserve. And that jute rugs are by far the most difficult thing to clean.

While some spaces have yet to reach completion (sorry guests, it’s just not a priority for us yet) the rooms that have held priority are really taking shape. It’s been a little over 6 months since we bought our house, and it’s a constant reminder that we are blessed beyond belief.

Some of my favorite spots in the house..

our dining room, hands down. I love the way the light floods in the big window in the mornings. I love our Target chairs. I love our beautiful table from a seller on Facebook. I love our ivory jute rug. I love our old rustic barn wood shelves repurposed from the burn pile at a friend’s. I love the china salvaged from our house fire passed to me from my mom. I love every element in this room.

our bedroom. Okay, so before we moved in, I was obsessed with finding just the right bed.. of course, my dream is to have an Anthropologie bed, but I also don’t have several thousand dollars lying around to throw towards a bed. To say I settled would be a crime against our beautiful bed. I mean seriously. It also didn’t break our bank, which we are thankful for. And, did I mention it’s blue? Yes, you read that right. It’s blue. The most beautiful shade of indigo blue you’ve ever seen. In my opinion, indigo is the easiest color to neutralize with other colors. I wanted our bedroom to feel like an eclectic modern haven. And with the addition of our vintage rattan chairs from Facebook, our rug from World Market, world class original art from my dear mother, and our mismatching side tables via West Elm, my vision was coming to life. It’s one of the more structured rooms in the house, with R being so keen on symmetry, I wanted this room to encompass his personality with a mixture of cool tones and downplayed eclectic elements. I love it.

I love most every room in our home, even R’s office (that I finally convinced him let me finish myself). And those that I’m not completely smitten with will eventually see my touch of remodelling and be up to par with the rest of the house. Can’t wait for that day.

This weekend our downstairs gets a fresh face lift, and I can’t wait to see how it comes together.

We hope you enjoy looking at our home as much as we love living in it.