White wall remorse.

Okaaaay. So. In my previous post, I talked about doing some home improvement this weekend. And while, I was hoping that would be the case, I’m left with a feeling of regret and painters remorse. I sat in my newly painted room and felt as if I had stripped my house of its character somehow.

I went from being ecstatic for change, to being anxiety ridden and unsure of my decision.

So. Before, it was a blueish type color. I thought I didn’t really love it, wanted to change it up, do something because everything I pin on le Pinterest is of course white living room spaces and white walls, white houses, etc. so I got an itch, took a leap, and had a painter out within 3 days.

Without brightness, VS added brightness.

Does it look like it’s giving a yellowy vibe? As soon as our painter was finishing up, I started crying. I wish I was kidding.. but alas. My emotions were taking over. And I wasn’t even crying for a decent reason. I was crying because “everything I own is the same color of the walls” with a spice of “it’s going to look like a beigey blob!”

Oh yeah.

Full meltdown.

My sweet husband was so supportive, with encouraging words of immediately repainting it back to its original form.

But. Of course, I’ve got friends who can talk some sense into the side of me that feels dumb for thinking the room needs to be painted back immediately. Encouraging me to sit with it for a week. Don’t be rash. Take lots of photos. And explore other color options that aren’t EXACTLY like it was (because I obviously wasn’t too thrilled with the color if I wanted to change it, right?).

So here I am, contemplating my decisions, trying to push the guilt of money spent painting a color I wasn’t 100% sure of out of my head, ridding my brain of the negativity and depression that’s been hanging around, and trying to put a happy face on.

It’s hard. I’m stubborn. I want to change it now. But I won’t. I’m going to reason with myself and (try to) be the best non-high maintenance wife I can be..

We even had the fireplace and inside of the cabinets painted Polar Bear white from Behr, to increase cohesiveness of the space.

Thoughts running through my head just looking at this:
Is there enough contrast?
Does everything blend together and get lost?
Is it too boring?
Is the character gone?
Am I being dumb?

Probably a definite yes to the last one. Oh well.

Also thinking about some remodel moves for the kitchen, to improve the space – matching floating shelves instead of the open cabinetry, and a vent hood (maybe), with the microwave being upgraded and moved to the other side near the fridge.

Maybe that would help add some contrast to the kitchen.

What do you think? Did I make a mistake? What colors would you suggest? Should I leave it?

Didn’t see the house before? Click here.

Let me know.